Selecting an engagement ring is one of the most significant if not exciting things you'll ever do. Where to from here? It’s important to spend some time getting to know what to look for when viewing and trying on engagement ring settings and diamond stone types. After all, this is a purchase that will be worn everyday for an eternity, so use this simple guide and read the information below that will help you become fully informed when bridal ring shopping. It’s as easy as that!


This service is where we can incorporate different elements from the many design options in-store or create something based on a picture the client has or make a copy of grandma’s engagement ring. The great thing about this process is it is completely flexible and without boundaries, other than constraints based on the structural integrity of the piece we are making.

Most hand-make jewellers are limited in their ability to create for their clients by the limits of their own skill at both drawing and manufacture. It’s the incredible ability of our specialised jewellery sketch artists and the computer aided design methods we use, that allow us to create exactly what the client wants without any limitations. Our hand drawings are so intricate and accurate that when clients see them they have no doubts in proceeding to manufacture. We spend so much time in the design phase that we always have happy clients on presentation of our piece.

The client works with one of our team members by trying on various design styles. Through this process we are able to identify what design elements are working for the client and determine what their natural preference for shape is. This is important because we all have natural preferences involved in all our decision making processes and we need to work to identify this for each client. The benefit here is that if we can determine this, it’s more likely that the design will not date through the years of wearing and enjoying the piece.
Once the design concepts are finalised, a complete price is agreed upon and a deposit is taken – we then move to the hand drawing phase. This phase takes about a week to complete and is one of the most exciting steps of the process because during the consultation phase our experienced designers can see in their mind how the piece will turn out. So when it is time to present the hand drawing there is nothing better than seeing our clients’ excitement level increase as we are about to make their dream a reality. Once the hand drawing is approved the next stage is where the client receives the finished item.


Whitakers has over 1000 designs to choose from and we are the one stop shop for your perfect ring!
Even if a client decides on a standard model from our collection the ring is still a completely unique piece made especially for them.
Our competitors use what is called semi-mount settings. These are pre-made rings which only need to have a centre stone set in them. They are made to suit standard diameters for different stone shapes. That’s fine if the stone you have selected is the perfect 5.50mm diameter round and fits their setting, but if the selected stone is 5.35mm the stone setter will have to squash the setting in to secure the stone, or if the stone is 5.70mm the setting will need to be stretched out to fit the stone.

At Whitakers, we take a standard model and make every ring to suit the EXACT dimensions of the stone selected by the client. We also prepare options for either a plain or diamond set wedding ring so that when it comes time to buy wedding rings there will be no surprises for the client.


This is where you can ‘Choose, Change or Create’ with CounterSketch Studio in-store at Whitakers. The client selects a design from one of the sample models in-store from the Countersketch collection and designs are adapted to the client’s style and preference. Once we have a budget set for the entire project we can advise on centre stone selection and begin amending the standard model to the specifications of the client’s selection. The client can see the ring changing live before their very eyes! We have all measurements and specifications at our fingertips to allow complete creativity and flexibility. We can render the piece to a 3D, photorealistic image so all details can be seen for approval. It is also possible to ‘try on’ the piece with a computer-generated hand. This allows the client to see the scale of the ring once they are wearing it. As we make changes to the standard model we can at anytime review the final price to see how changes are impacting on the desired budget.

Most models have the capability to show the matching wedding bands in the renderings so clients can evaluate and approve the final outcome on their wedding day. Manufacturing takes approximately 3-4 weeks.


We have designs in-stock now starting at only $1,000 moving right up to fit any lavish budget. Most of these engagement rings have matching wedders in-store also ready for try on and purchase.
Often we will make special one-off designs to suit lower budgets to allow a special piece for the client at an affordable price. Come in to Whitakers and see our huge display now, you won’t be disappointed!