Learning a craft is so much more than taking classes at university, or reading books, or even gaining practical industry experience. Just ask John Whitaker. A fourth generation jeweller, John has always been familiar with the trade. John says his technical training at the Gemological Institute of America was essential in his development, but he learnt many important lessons by osmosis, sitting around the dinner table hearing stories from his father and grandfather.

For John, the jewellery trade is as much about the beautiful stories people share with him as it is about the beautiful pieces he creates with them. From the genuine and warm way John speaks about his customers, it's easy to see he feels they are as unique and special to him as every individual diamond he works with.

Whitakers Jewellers is built on a foundation of honesty and transparency. John's business philosophy is a legacy passed down from his father and grandfather: is it the truth and is it fair to all concerned? This core value underpins every Whitakers experience... meaning you don't have a transaction – you have a relationship.