It's been a dream of mine for over 20 years to create a specialist Custom design and bridal boutique store that delivers the absolute best quality product and service.

The chance to meet new people and make the process of creating a special piece of jewellery, which forms an integral part of a huge occasion in their lives, is something I take very seriously. The excitement I get from my clients is infectious.

I love the moment when a ring is collected by someone I've created something with. When you exceed someone's expectations and they are blown away, it is an experience I truly love.


Whitakers is not just a job, it’s my life. As Creative Director of Whitakers, I work behind the scenes on marketing strategy to ensure the company vision is brought to life. Our entire team is dedicated to sharing their creativity and passion in order to find the perfect piece for you. There is nothing better than being apart of our clients’ journey and working closely with them to bring their dream ring to life. I love being apart of the whole experience – from when a couple first walks through the door through to packaging up that little box.


Every love story is different, I love that I become another puzzle piece on our customers' journey. By creating unforgettable, unique, precious pieces of jewellery is in fact, creating a symbol and expression of love for each other. Seeing customers' reactions to the finished product is priceless and personally knowing the sentiment and love story that goes with the piece is a reward within itself.


I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and very sentimental. Being involved in my clients special moments like designing engagement rings, selecting wedding jewellery or redesigning pieces using their sentimental keepsakes is an amazing feeling. I feel lucky and honoured to be a part of my clients ever after purchases.


An engagement ring to me is a timeless treasure that is passed down through generations. They are a symbol of our emotions and a sign of the commitment we make with that special someone. What I love most about my profession is that I have the privilege of becoming a small part of a couple's lifelong journey together. I especially enjoy getting to know my clients and their individual stories. The history and mystic of diamonds is a special interest of mine and being able to custom design and create that special piece for a couple fills me with excitement.


An important decision such as the selection of the “forever ring” requires careful planning and consideration. Each ring that we create carries the unique personality of the people it is for. Its such a privilege to play an important part in the happiest time of a couples life. I have been part of the Whitakers team in various capacities since 1993 and I often have people come up to me and say “you designed my engagement ring 16 years ago!”


What I love most about working at Whitakers is the sense of family around the workplace, it doesn’t feel like work when you’re surrounded by such creative and passionate people. I have been a member of the Whitakers team since 1998 as a Business Administrator. While I do work behind the scenes, there is nothing better than stepping outside the office to admire the sentimental photos that our customers bring back to share with us.