At Whitakers our jewellery isn’t just jewellery. The shape of a ring symbolises the binding love between a couple, and that bond is true to us. Some of the testimonials below will help prove that. Our customers have always been more than satisfied with our services. Read on to find out why...

To the beautiful Angie,
As I attempt to put pen to paper and emotions into words. I am overwhelmed. From the moment we met you, you have been utterly committed to our journey.
When we first walked in as a couple, not yet engaged, simply to “browse” for ideas, your time was so freely given without any pressure or obligation. Having already been to other local stores to also ”browse”, we were both so impressed by your exceptional customer service and relaxed, yet professional approach that we felt there was no other option for our future plans than Whitakers.
Fast forward to the engagement.
By all accounts on Pete’s behalf, when I asked him how it had all happened without my knowing, he simply replied “Angie and John have been fantastic.” Pete is a man of very few words, but the words that he does speak are sincere.
I will never forget the smile on your face and your sheer excitement when we eventually walked back into the store as a newly engaged couple. You were so enthusiastic to hear all the details of the proposal – something you would hear almost every day- and yet you still made ours feel so special.
Fast forward again.
Now as we are about to become husband and wife, you still possess the same enthusiasm as the day we met you. You are to be highly commended on your professionalism and attention to detail. You have genuinely made the entire process for both of us an absolute delight. Your constant reassurance and determination until we were 100% satisfied was immeasurable.
We cannot thank you enough.
- Amy and Pete

Mr John Whitaker,
Where do I start?
I will quite openly label myself as ‘your most fussy, pedantic and probably downright bloody painful customer to date’. I do not know how you did it, but you did.
From the initial process of assisting Peter with the selection of the most exquisite diamond, to the realisation of the custom designed engagement ring I wear on my finger today, you (and the incredible Angie) have managed to create a classic, timeless piece for both of us to love, cherish and admire for the rest of our lives together. Your patience (with me and my many questions at every stage of the design process!) and commitment to creating the perfect custom designed engagement ring is so sincerely appreciated.
Your staff are second to none. They have all provided such personalised service – an invaluable quality in business today. A particular mention must go to Angie who has shared the journey with us, with constant reassurance and the utmost professionalism.
The truth of the matter is, my grandmother never wore an engagement ring and nor did my mother, so I had always envisaged that I too would only ever wear a simple wedding band. I had no appreciation for the beauty of a diamond and even if I did, I simply doubted that I would ever find a jeweller who would embrace my individual style and respectfully create the perfect piece to complement it.
You certainly proved me wrong, and I am so incredibly grateful that you did!
Thank you.
- Amy and Peter

The first time I saw a diamond ring from Whitakers jewellers was when Kurt was bent down on one knee on a little jetty in Fiji proposing to me. The proposal was the biggest and best surprise of my life and when Kurt opened that little white box with my stunning engagement ring inside it was the icing on the cake!
Of course as soon as we got back Kurt took me straight to Whitakers to meet John and the team and I was delighted to find that they were genuinely as excited about our engagement as we were. Working with them over the next few months on our wedding rings was a dream. They have all the qualities you could hope for in a jeweller and more – talent, patience, compassion and professionalism, being a few.
My engagement ring is above and beyond any expectations, and the craftsmanship of our wedding bands is second to none. Now I can’t imagine buying jewellery from anywhere else and love recommending Whitakers to my family and friends. If you are going to drop in just make sure you have spare time because if you’re like me you’ll be there for ages perusing the cabinets and fantasising about your next piece!
- Brooke Gidley

So thrilled with my experience and purchase (well my fiancé’s purchase) of my engagement ring. Your radio ad is spot on! We are from the Upper Hunter Valley and went everywhere looking for the "perfect" ring before we discovered Whitakers. Nothing caught my eye or excited me until I walked into your store and was confronted by the most stunning selection of rings. Your service and attention to detail is second to none. Seriously, if anyone is looking for that special something don’t bother going anywhere else! Thank you so much and I cannot wait to come and select a wedder soon.
- Kristie Greening (via Facebook)