Your wedding day may pass in a happy blur of friends and family, photos and dancing, joy and even some nerves. But guaranteed, there will be a few key moments which you will hold clear in your mind forever. Seeing each other at opposite ends of an aisle and smiling. Your first dance. And sliding the wedding rings you chose onto each others' fingers, symbolising your promise to each other for all you hope to create. For a ring which signifies so much, it's important to put the effort into making sure it's just right. This is why John Whitaker recommends also considering a wedding ring at the same time you select an engagement ring. Think of it as a project with two phases- it's a good idea to consider both at the outset. Brides will wear both rings together for a lot longer than just wearing the engagement ring alone. This is why it's important to ensure it looks stunning, feels elegant and takes logistics into consideration, such as making sure the combined width of both bands isn't too thick and doesn't sit uncomfortably on the bride's fingers. If you've already chosen your engagement ring and are just looking for a wedding band, Whitakers can help you create the perfect ending to what you've begun. We understand it's about more than just building a combination that looks beautiful - it has to encapsulate all it stands for

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 15=0.22ct Round Cut Diamonds

Item No. 8218WD


$ 2495.00

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 19=0.28ct Round Cut Diamonds

Item No. 8105WD


$ 2995.00

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 54=0.89ct Round Cut Diamonds

Item No. 8044WD


$ 5895.00