It's important a piece of jewellery that says so much about commitment truly expresses something special about your story so far, and the story you're about to create together. It symbolises a moment which is perfectly caught between a past rich with memories, and a future full of shared plans and promise. This is just a small selection of the many rings Whitakers Jewellers has crafted to capture this special moment. All Whitakers rings meet the high standards of W-Certified Pieces, unique in their blend of characteristics and of the highest quality. John Whitaker recommends considering a wedding ring at the same time you select an engagement ring. Think of it as a project with two phases - it's a good idea to consider both at the outset. It's important to ensure it looks stunning, feels elegant and takes logistics into consideration, like making sure the combined width of both bands isn't too thick and sits comfortably on the bride's fingers. For a ring which signifies so much, it's important to put the effort into making sure it's just right.

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 16=0.34ct Round Cut Diamonds

Item No. 8046WD


$ 3795.00

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 15=0.31ct Round Cut Diamonds

Item No. 5054WD


$ 2595.00

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 15=0.30ct Round Cut Diamonds

Item No. 5049WD


$ 2995.00

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with 11=0.44ct Princess Cut Diamonds

Item No. 3090


$ 3695.00