Bespoke Design Service

Bespoke Design Service

Create the ring of your dreams with Whitakers

For a truly unique and personalised experience, Whitakers offers custom-made engagement rings and wedding rings. Whether you want to incorporate different elements from in-store designs, replicate something you have seen elsewhere or design your own from scratch, Whitakers can craft an engagement ring made just for you.

Maybe you have your heart set on a solitaire diamond engagement ring, or a three stone, halo or even a vintage setting. With the highly skilled and experienced team of designers working on our custom-made engagement rings, the design choices we offer are truly limitless. Our specialised jewellery sketch artists and the computer-aided design methods we use, allow us to bring the most intricate of designs to life with complete accuracy.

The process

The crafting process of a custom made engagement ring starts with an initial consultation at our Newcastle store to try on various design styles and determine a preference for shape. From there we will spend a great deal of time perfecting the design and once finalised, a complete price is agreed upon and a deposit is taken. The next phase of design is a hand drawing, which takes approximately one week to complete. During this stage, we have another consultation, where our clients are presented with hand drawings and they can see first-hand their designs coming to life. Once the hand drawing is complete we move into the creation process where clients receive their finished item soon after.

In-store designs

If you decide on a standard model engagement ring from our in-store collection, you can rest assured that with Whitakers, the ring is still a completely unique piece made for you.

Some of our competitors use a semi-mount setting, which is a pre-made ring that only needs to have a centre stone set in them. They are made to suit standard diameters for different diamond and stone shapes. This is fine if the selected stone is the perfect 5.50mm diameter round and fits their setting, but if it’s 5.35mm the stone setter will have to squash the setting in to secure the stone. On the other hand, if the stone is 5.70mm the setting will need to be stretched out to fit the stone.

At Whitakers, we take a standard model and make every ring to suit the exact dimensions of the stone you select. We also prepare options for either a plain or diamond set wedding ring so that when it comes time to buy your wedding rings, there won’t be any surprises.

Ready to wear

We have ready to wear designs in-stock starting at $1,000 and moving right up to fit any lavish budget. Most of these engagement rings also have accompanying wedding rings. Often, we will design unique pieces tailored to our client’s budget, to allow a special piece for our client at an affordable price.

If you are interested in having a custom-made engagement ring designed, visit our store on Darby St in Newcastle to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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