Buying a diamond is a rare and special event. The excitement of selecting a stone, which carries with it so many emotions and feelings, can be tinged with uncertainty.

The team at Whitakers are trained experts in assisting you to navigate the diamond selection process.
To do this, John Whitaker has developed distinct Diamond collections to help make your decision easier.

 “The One” by Whitakers is our super ideal cut round brilliant diamond. These diamonds are cut to exact mathematical proportions and exhibit the maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation possible from a diamond.

“W” Certified diamonds are a selection of stones sourced and graded by John Whitaker. John, who is a GIA trained diamond grader, personally selects these diamonds to provide optimum cut and colour at real value for money prices.

Whitakers are also excited to offer our own selection of Laboratory Grown diamonds. Evolution Laboratory Grown diamonds are an exciting new development in the jewellery industry and another option for those looking to buy a diamond.

As we are Newcastle and the Hunters diamond experts, the Whitakers team are uniquely positioned to be able to offer you the best of mined or Laboratory Grown diamonds.

We can answer all your questions and work with you to find the perfect Diamond.

To find out more see below or contact us for an ‘no pressure‘ appointment.

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