W Certified Diamonds

W Certified Diamonds

Our stunning W Certified diamonds are handpicked by Whitakers’ owner and diamond guru John Whitaker, who was trained at the internationally renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California and has 30 years of experience in selecting the most desirable stones for his clients.

This range has been created to bring together diamonds that are incredibly beautiful but are not certified by the GIA because of the very rigid guidelines the Institute adheres to in its diamond grading process.

What is a W Certified diamond?

‘W’ diamonds are selected because they have all the stunning colour of the world’s most sought-after stones and a premium cut that gives them incredible sparkle and shine. Thanks to this brilliant cut and colour, the slight variation in clarity which does not allow the GIA to certify them is invisible to the naked eye.

And that’s why we can give these show-stopping stones the ‘W’ certification and offer our clients true value for money and an opportunity to own a highly desirable stone at a competitive price.

This range is the perfect opportunity to invest in a beautiful, excellently cut stone with brilliant colour and the W certification – but at a more competitive price than you’d expect to pay for a GIA certified stone.


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