Gerard & Bryony - Whitakers Engagement Story

Gerard & Bryony

Gerard and Byrony and their Whitakers engagement ring

Introducing the newly engaged Gerard & Bryony… This happy couple met in a hotel foyer in Germany in 2012! Originally from Australia, Gerard was working in the UK at the time. Bryony was on a holiday from the UK and the pair were both staying in the same hotel over the Christmas Holiday.

The Engagement ring was kept as a secret and designed by Gerard with the help of the Whitakers team. It is a 1 Carat ‘Cognac’ coloured Emerald Cut Diamond from the Argyle Mines in Kimberly, Australia.

Gerard’s family travelled through the Kimberly area and lived there for a while, so he was specifically looking for a special stone from that area for the design. The stone is set in a custom-designed two-tone Yellow & White Gold band with small White Diamonds.

The couple went back to Bryonys’ home in the UK for Christmas. Exactly seven years to the day they met in Byronys’ family home, Gerard got down onto one knee in front of Bryonys’ family and his sister and asked her to marry him! Bryony said YES and instantly loved the ring Gerard had designed for her. Congratulations to Gerard & Bryony!