Kim & Nath

Kim & Nath

Introducing the newly engaged Kim and Nath! Kim and Nath first met in year 7 at high school but reconnected 3 years ago.

On a lovely Saturday afternoon in August, Kim and Nath decided to have a little grazing platter in the backyard to use Kim’s birthday present from the week before.

Nath prepared a small table of goodies with a bottle and glass of wine. 

We soon realised that we didn’t have a cheese knife so Nath took Connor (their 18 month old son) back into the house to get a knife while Kim poured the glasses of wine. 

Upon returning to the backyard, Kim had her back towards the house, as Nath and Connor were approaching. 

Nath then said “Connor wants to know if you’ll marry his daddy?” She turned around and Nath was kneeling down with Connor on his knee holding the ring box open!!!! 

The ring was a stunning vintage-inspired design, with an oval champagne diamond centre stone, enclosed by a diamond halo.

Kim could barely believe it was actually coming true and immediately started crying and hugged both her boys and said “yes”!!

Congratulations to Kim and Nath!