Maddy & Matt

Maddy & Matt

Introducing the newly engaged Maddy and Matt! The lovely couple met in September 2018 in Newcastle at The Grainery Church. Maddy had just returned from a year in Mexico, and Matt had just moved from Adelaide to Newcastle for work. 

We introduced ourselves and ended up going out for dinner with mutual friends after church. They grew fond of each other pretty quickly, but stayed friends for a year and didn’t date until February 2020.

The Proposal

Matt had stated to Maddy that he wanted to wait at least a year before they got engaged but one January night in 2021, a month off their 1 year anniversary, Matt decided to take Maddy out to Thai for dinner.  

Halfway through dinner, Matt started getting pretty agitated. He kept saying how the sun was setting quickly and that we’d miss seeing it. 

Maddy was so focused on enjoying the best Thai meal she’d ever had, that she told him to stop worrying and that they could just enjoy the sunset from the restaurant balcony. 

Eventually, Matt was able to convince Maddy to finish eating and leave, and then announced they should go and find a geocache down by the lake. 

So they jumped in the car and, two minutes later, reached the spot where Matt first asked me to be his girlfriend. 

Maddy could see twinkle lights and candles set up along the little jetty and tried to stay calm as they walked to the end. 

Matt then nervously pulled out a letter he’d written for Maddy, and began to read it. 

When he had finished, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring – it was the beautiful ring from Whitaker’s we’d looked at months earlier. It had a yellow-gold band with a cluster type of setting. One centre diamond surrounded by twelve little diamonds to make it look like a little flower or snowflake. 

Maddy was stunned and she was jumping up and down with so much excitement that one of her heels snapped off! 

And what topped it off was their photographer friend was sitting on the jetty, disguised as a fisherman, and captured the whole proposal! 

Maddy said they were so grateful to have such a special night caught on camera and she absolutely adores her ring, and still finds it catching her eye all the time!

Last week the couple got married and finally got to wear their wedding bands from Whitaker’s! 

They both love their rings and are grateful to Beth and the whole Whitakers team for all their help with the process. The couple couldn’t be happier!

Congratulations Maddy and Matt!