Robert & Amie
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Robert & Amie

Amie & Robert

What started off as a surprise camping trip, ended with a surprise engagement!

Robert told Amie he had booked a surprise camping trip for the weekend, but wouldn’t share where they were heading. On the morning of the surprise trip, as they drove towards Newcastle Airport it was then that Amie realised they weren’t going camping, but instead flying to Melbourne for the weekend!

After a day exploring the sights of Melbourne, Robert took Amie out for dinner at a Thai Restaurant. After their delicious meal, the waitress brought over the bill, and sitting on top was a beautiful diamond ring! Robert gave her a cheeky little smile, got down on one knee and asked his gorgeous Amie to marry him. Immediately, Amie said ‘Yes!’, as the whole restaurant clapped and cheered the happy couple. As if the excitement of the engagement wasn’t enough, the following day Robert organised another surprise with a morning balloon ride over the scenic Yarra Valley!